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Top Movies

Moving images have long-enthralled moviegoers since its inception more than a century ago. Depending on the genre and style used by filmmakers, top movies are noted for the excellence of craftsmanship with which they were filmed.

Top movies are ranked based on two major things: the revenue these top movies bring in and the cinematic elements they possess.

Top movies are ranked based on how much income has been generated on the box office. Most top movies bring in revenues that are valued more than what was originally spent on them. High ticket sales and long runs in cinemas and theaters prove that these top movies are performing well.

Top movies are also ranked based on the elements of cinema present in each. Accomplished movie critics, film scholars and even film directors rank top movies based on these elements. Top movies often score high in most or all of these elements.

Soundtrack of top movies

Top movies sometimes owe their success to the sound track or musical scoring. A great soundtrack can put one flick in the list for top movies because of how well the music and other ambient sounds in it fit.

Performances in top movies

Characters are brought to life by the actors who faithfully portray these. Top movies have actors who not only play the parts they are cast in, but also live these characters as if in real life.

Storyline of top movies

Top movies often have screenplays that are highly commendable. The stories also set the tone of most top movies. Many directors aim for the artistic executions of these top movies.

Cinematography of top movies

Top movies also exhibit extraordinary cinematic approaches. The efficient use of camera techniques to tell the story of a flick or set a mood or theme for a scene may have a bearing on its inclusion in the list of top movies. Good use of the cinematic environment through exceptional production design also sets a remarkable or feature most common in top movies.

Lists of top movies are compiled by news organisations and other groups dedicated to the arts and cinema. These rankings are based on credible research and critiquing by learned film critiques, writers and even directors. Many movie critics are on the look out for the top movies as each weekend brings in a different picture to the list. These lists for the top movies can be found online.